Stay Chic, Stay Warm

"Wool just doesn’t sound terribly sexy to a lot of people - to many, it’s a functional thing, rather than something that you could make look chic."


Skilfully manipulated yarn in form hugging, feminine dresses, high wasted skirts, chic cherry hats, eccentric cardigans, fun jumpers and stylish wrist warmers, Amy Hall’s designs conquer the harts and warm the body. Initially trained in photography she soon realized that knitting is her true passion. Taught to knit by her mother and grandmother in her childhood, she mastered this art and pretty soon began experimenting, creating new patterns, increasing the drama of her creations which she wore all around town. After having impressed people stopping her on the street and asking her were she got her knitwear, and idea was born and a collection was launched, collection of chunky knit garments, each and every one of them different from the other. That was last year, and this year, her chunky knit is all the rage. She feels wool’s role should grow in this increasingly synthetic industry. Wool is versatile, wool is natural, it is the epitome of comfort and most important it could serve you well for a long time if carefully sought after. Items from her second collection are available on our site, so feel free to peruse, “like”, “want” and why not “have”? 




Nicolle C.